The things you call flaws are what make you beautiful. Healing is what makes you perfect.

Every minute that you avoid relapse, you are proving to yourself that you have the power and capability to make your life what you want it to be. Eh, I have to disagree with you, I hate not being sober that’s why I don’t consume any narcotics or liquor, why do I hate it? Simple I just hate not being myself and when I’m like that I don’t feel like myself and it’s the worst thing ever , just how much I hate this? I don’t have a problem with alcohol, I just think it’s unfortunate when someone thinks they need it to feel good. Most of my life consists of working and then heading down the pub on fridays or saturdays. What else are we supposed to do at the fucking weekends?

“Because sobriety sucks,” the rapper said, followed by a chuckle. The line of questioning began when Le Batard asked Yelawolf about when mentor Eminem chatted with the rapper about his drinking. “No one controls my drinking but me. I’m the only person who can control that, you know? … I’m not proud of it, but it’s in my genes. Maybe you’ve been more positive lately.

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Alcohol or drugs numbed your thoughts and emotions. Substances gave you numbness, an illusion of freedom, or false self-confidence. You could do things without worrying about the consequences; often, you did. Then you woke up the next day, and the memories came flooding back.

  • The guy was told he should seek help because he now and again fancies a drink at, i’m guessing, boring social events.
  • Your feelings will look different in a day, a week, a month, and a year, so look to the future with optimism.
  • John Lennon was so great with words.
  • We are all on different, difficult paths.
  • New Life House has helped young men stay sober for over 35 years.

And yes, sometimes I get jealous of my friends that can drink normally. But now, I get to be the person who makes sure they get home safe from the bar. And I’m also the one who doesn’t wake up with a hangover. What you’re experiencing right now is called anhedonia. It happens a lot in sobriety because the brain is still trying to adjust to the lack of dopamine it used to get from alcohol. You’ll reach a point where you accept that there are some difficulties ahead of you, but you’re not afraid of them. You don’t feel defined by your past as strongly.

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When you were using a substance, maybe it was because you felt anger or jealousy towards others. They didn’t appreciate their luck—their health or ability to have one drink and stop. You felt your substance use was justified because you deserved to feel good, numb your feelings, or escape your life. Unfortunately, your reliance on substances pushed away your chances of achieving what you wanted. Addiction treatment is where you come face to face with your addiction and begin to heal. Ehhhh, I like alcohol but not being drunk. I do get drunk on occasion , but I drink because I like the taste.

sobriety sucks

Go to a 12-step meeting, find a sober group online, or call a sober friend who understands. As someone who’s never been drunk before in his life, I can safely say I never wish to be drunk, ever. “Oh, how can you knock something if you haven’t tried it?” Well, I’ve seen what it can do to people, and how it affects others, and I don’t consider it worth the risk. It probably helps that I’m a loner type, though, so there’s little pressure to socialize.

I think nothing I could say here would change your mind, but I hope that you eventually rethink your ideas on sobriety. IMO drugs and alcohol only change an experience and how you feel about it.

Anything you can do to improve your overall health and wellness will serve double duty and improve your ability to stay sober. You can always improve how you fare in sobriety by looking at where you can improve your quality of life. Everyone faces difficult situations, ranging from getting a rough night’s sleep to dealing with a death in the family or an unexpected divorce.

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God grant me the serenity to rock the house down tonight. Finding yourself in recovery is essential to healing yourself. You learn your behavior patterns, incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into your daily routine, and find therapies that help you cope with the uncertainties of life.

Or perhaps our life isn’t going the way we planned. We’re stuck in a miserable job and have lost hope that anything can change. Being honest with yourself also includes accepting your feelings.

  • Maybe you’ve been more positive lately.
  • Come to terms with your version of recovery.
  • You’ve got to have, like, a computer nowadays to turn the TV on and off…and the nightmare continues.

The guy was told he should seek help because he now and again fancies a drink at, i’m guessing, boring social events. It’s normal to want a drink now and again. For me it’s not a matter of how good I would feel, it’s how I come across to other people. Alcohol does not make for good conversation and drunk people are not fun to be around. No music mogul created Black Sabbath, so no music mogul could tell Black Sabbath what to do. We simply told them where to shove it.

I used to live right around the corner from a beer specialty shop. They had the most amazing selection…it was heaven. There are flavors of beer unlike anything you can experience from anything else. And that was a really expensive time of life. I look at them and there’s a part of me that envies their ability to put down a drink, to enjoy alcohol responsibly without having it take over their lives.

I used to celebrate each month of sobriety in my own special way but I recently lost that habit. It’s time to acknowledge the dedication we put in to not consuming a liquid distraction, and celebrate the small steps that ultimately lead climbing the top of the mountain. Best of luck to you in your journey and thank you for writing this piece. I can sense some new waves approaching and you’re ready to surf them. We usually start drinking alcoholically because we are trying to hide from something. Maybe we feel lonely or lost an important relationship.

Choose A New Healthy Habit

Prove to yourself that you can finish what you start and be reliable. Push through and show up, even on days you don’t want to. Building resilience and training sobriety sucks the voice inside your head to be less negative is a lifelong process. It takes time to get good at it. Hell, it takes time to get just sort of okay at it.

  • This Ted Talk discusses the value of community in recovery further and is worth having a listen.
  • There are so many emotional benefits to volunteer work that you could use right now.
  • One belief is you won’t begin to recover until you are completely honest with yourself.
  • I hesitated for awhile because it still has a small amount of alcohol, but after doing research, I decided to give it a try.

The nature of life is change, no matter what. How you feel today — no matter how boring, stifling, angering, or depressing it may be — will be different tomorrow. Your feelings will look different in a day, a week, a month, and a year, so look to the future with optimism. There are millions of other people in recovery, all at different stages, and many are having a bad day just like you are. There is a lot of stuff to process as you build your life in recovery every day, and that isn’t always going to be easy. I think that if you need vodka to feel cool, you’re doing it wrong. I think you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you are more yourself when drunk than you are when sober.

Sober Onions

Each day is different so take them as they come. What’s worse than those feelings? Perhaps not remembering what you did, waking up in jail or another strange place, or finding your well-being compromised. Yes, asking for help was already listed, but it is so important that it is worth repeating. Getting through recovery’s ups and downs requires you to do more than just occasionally show up and interact with people who may be able to support you. Even if you are making one small choice to improve how you feel each day, like working out more or eating better, track it. You can then consistently look back, see how far you’ve come, and assess what you have accomplished along the way.

sobriety sucks

Hola to accounts like @bodyposipanda, a consistent stream of body positivity/self-love posts. Adios to corny motivation quotes like “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”.

Thoughts On when Sobriety Sucks

Just drink a few shots of vodka. You can still participate in society fine and you’ll just feel cool. You’ve got to have, like, a computer nowadays to turn the TV on and off…and the nightmare continues.

Knowing what you should do isn’t enough. You have to motivate yourself, schedule it in, and consistently do the things that will help you improve your life in recovery. The other people next to you at group therapy sessions and support group meetings all have experiences that can help you. They want to be there for you when you are struggling.

Why Quitting Alcohol Can Feel Like Grief

It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away. It screws with our ability to make sound decisions, leading to risky and often embarrassing behavior. Occasionally, those bad decisions veer into the realm of irreparable damage to our relationships, health, or life.